Sulava Oy –  the leading born-in-the-cloud Microsoft partner

We have been forerunners in the Microsoft cloud revolution since the company was founded in 2010. Currently Sulava employs over 100 professionals and our turnover was 11+ million Euros in 2018. The company is 100% owned by it’s employees.


Our world class knowledge on the Microsoft cloud platform allows us to focus on what really matters – improving our clients productivity and creating better work life for their employees. We help our clients to utilize their investment in the Microsoft cloud to it’s full potential.


Our Adoption Change Management practice and Microsoft Learning practice help our clients to change the way they work, from the CEO to first line workers. Our cybersecurity team makes sure that every employee is protected and knows how to work in the modern digital world. Our Power Platform and Project Online services combined with Microsoft 365 and Azure advanced workloads enable our clients to work with their data and other assets in ways that were beyond imagination just a few years ago.


Our managed services provide our clients proactive ways to stay evergreen with their cloud environment and devices including PC’s, MAC’s and mobile devices. Our tier 2 and tier 3 support combined with AI based automated tier 0 support backed up by clients champions network and tier 1 support provides an unique way to keep business flowing and growing.


Finland is the world #1 in the cloud usage rate having 65+% public cloud adoption rate while the EU average is 26% according to Eurostat 2018 study. Sulava is the main reason to this amazing success as we have worked with over one million commercial Microsoft cloud seats – and the whole population of Finland is just 5,5 million people.

Our clients operate globally well over 100 countries. You can see some of our cases studies below. 

Microsoft Teams adoption at Kone

Azure at Lindström

Windows Autopilot at MTV


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