Impact of coronavirus on Sulava’s operations

Impact of coronavirus on Sulava’s operations

Updated 20th of March 2020 08.46 am UTC+2:  Microsoft 365 Hyvät, Pahat, and Rumat Seminar, May 5 to May 6, 2020, will be organized online.

Updated 23rd of March 2020 12.57 am UTC+2:  Saminarium event on April 24, 2020 will be organized online.

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The coronavirus (Covid-19) is currently affecting the work and operations of our entire world. We in Sulava think that safety and well-being of our employees, customers and partners are our priority.

On the other hand, Sulava’s expertise has never been so needed. We will do our very best to help our clients overcome this difficult situation. We will help you to do this by effectively leveraging digital tools and services and flexibly adapting operations to the ever-changing situation.

Our key actions are:

1) For now, at Sulava, we primarily do remote work
2) All our trainings are held online for the time being
3) We have expanded both our free and paid training services to cover the coronavirus-induced changes in work culture and utilization of Microsoft cloud technology
4) We have created ready-made solutions and operating models for our clients to move into remote working, to improve communication, and to support work and safety at work for those in the field

We work closely with the authorities and change our guidelines immediately as the situation changes. We will update any changes in our operations to this news.


Sulava consulting business

Our business will continue, and even deeper in digital ways. In addition to ongoing projects, we assist our clients with issues such as remote working, technology, crisis communication and occupational safety.
Previously agreed face-to-face meetings and customer-specific trainings will be held virtual. Your Sulava contact person will be in touch with you in these cases. If you need someone from Sulava physically present, this must always be agreed in advance. In these cases, the contact person is Juha Heikkonen, Sulava’s Human Resources Manager.

You can also reach all Sulava employees through Teams, telephone or email as usual.

We keep records of past and future travels made by the Sulava personnel, avoid all travel, and after traveling abroad, Sulava’s employees are supervised to do remote work according to our public guidelines.
Our staff is instructed to report any exposure, potential exposure and symptoms immediately. In case of exposure or symptoms, we will immediately inform our customers of the situation.

By being proactive, we ensure our Sulava functions, serve our clients in the best possible way, act responsibly and mitigate our healthcare burden.

We are committed to share all our expertise to our customers at a time when the need for digitalisation is greater than ever. We work very closely with Microsoft and are constantly bringing new solutions and services to reduce the current and future remote work or technology problems.


Training- and test center

All the recommendations and actions to limit the spread of coronavirus will also affect Sulava’s training services.
All our public trainings are held online for the time being. Test days will be organized in our training center but we’ll follow the situation actively if change for that is needed.
We have stepped up our precautionary measures at our locations: cleaning and disinfection to prevent infection. We follow any virus developments and official guidance and instruct all visitors to our premises on necessary measures.

On our trainings, that will now happen online, planned content and schedules remain unchanged. The learning experience of online learning is similar to a classroom learning. Students will see and hear the trainer and have the same training material and training environment. Each attendee will be contacted and given instructions on how to participate smoothly, for example at home.

Contact center for customer service: or +358 20 740 2790


Upcoming seminars

We are actively monitoring the situation regarding upcoming seminars this spring and we keep updating the situation.

The Saminarium event on April 24, 2020 will be organized online.

Microsoft 365 Hyvät, Pahat, and Rumat Seminar , May 5 to May 6, 2020, will be organized online.



The coronavirus now and in the long term affects everyone of us. Even in this situation, we are leaning strongly on our values, for example:

Strive for the best and Share what you know: We have the world’s best expertise in leveraging Microsoft cloud services to help you work more efficiently. In this situation, we need to be able to share our knowledge not only with our customers but also with anyone else who needs our expertise.

Take Care: Right now, the primary task of Sulava is to take care of our employees, our customers and our partners. We need to be able to harness our expertise to the benefit of others so that each organization can act in all the situations ahead of us.

We Succeed Together: In the current situation, no one can survive alone. We will not leave anyone alone in this situation either, but will work together to resolve any difficulties that may arise.

You Have The Power: There is no room for selfishness in this situation. We must all take care of ourselves and our neighbours, but in addition we must also do our utmost for society and especially for the most vulnerable ones.

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